DAKU International is a limited liability company, established with polish capital and operating since 2003 throughout the entire country. Our main activity is trading with:

  • grain,
  • rapeseed,
  • feed stuffs





Daku International Sp. z o . o.
Polska // 00-710 Warszawa
ul.Idzikowskiego 16
tel.: +48 22 550 04 22
fax: +48 22 550 04 38

Magazyn Dobiegniew
Polska // 66-520 Dobiegniew
ul. Leśna 8
tel.: +48 95 761 10 18,
fax: +48 95 761 19 82


The brand DAKU is already well known and valued. This is due to our fullest abidance by all commitments contained in contracts with our partners. We have a skilled and experienced team of employees, which is eager to advise our partner with reliable information on the current situation on domestic and foreign markets.

Cooperating with numerous companies, we attach most importance on highest quality of service and reliability. Testifying to our success in this field are our GMP+ and ISCC certificates.

We cordially invite you for cooperation.